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Kelly Feighan



  • Researcher, Evaluator 


Kelly Feighan is the Director of Research and Development at Research for Better Schools, a not-for-profit organization in Philadelphia. She serves as Principal Investigator for evaluations of the NJ PEMSM project and the Philadelphia Teacher Residency, which is a federally funded Transition to Teaching initiative operated by the EdFund.

Kelly holds a graduate degree in sociology from the University of Maryland at College Park. 


Social scientific research and evaluation 


Feldman, J., Feighan, K., Kirtcheva, E. & Heeren, E. (2012). "Aiming High: Exploring the Influence of Implementation Fidelity and Cognitive Demand Levels on Struggling Readers' Literacy Outcomes." Journal of Classroom Interaction, vol. 47 (1).

Feighan, K. Heeren, E., and Feldman, J. (2011). "The Correlates of Middle School Teachers' Professional Development Implementation, Instructional Beliefs, and Student Reading Achievement." Paper commissioned by the U.S. Department of Education Office of Elementary and Secondary Education. Downloadable under Issue Paper Series at

Feighan, K. and Heeren, E. (2010). "She Was My Backbone: Measuring Coaching Work and Its Impact," in Literacy Coaching: Research & Practice edited by Cassidy, Garrett, and Sailors. Center for Educational Development, Evaluation, and Research (CEDER); Texas A & M University- Corpus Christi College of Education.