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Examining the Importance of Evidentiary Phenomena in Learning Science


This documentation of the 2011 Math and Science Partnership Learning Network Conference offers a brief summary of the AIM: K-8 Science presentation that took place during the conference breakout session and focuses on questions, answers and discussions during that session. This documentation was produced by Cathy McEver.

Abstract Summary
What the field knows about professional development strategies to deepen the content knowledge of teachers is surprisingly limited given the extent of efforts in this area. One challenge for the field is understanding what strategies or features matter most. Another challenge is that the vision for science education described in the National Science Education Standards requires teachers to understand science concepts, how scientific knowledge is generated, and how students learn science. AIM is addressing these challenges by developing instruments that can be used in research about professional development and its impacts, conducting a quasi-experimental cross-MSP study to add to the empirical knowledge base, and developing an existence proof of the efficacy of one model of professional development.

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